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l strive for excellent customer service and to provide top quality products. Returns are only accepted if there is a defect in the item due to my error.

Items damaged in transit cannot be returned. Items delayed or lost in transit cannot be refunded. Items lost in transit may be re-sent at the discretion of the shop owner.

Please double check your address at check out to ensure proper delivery of your order; BLH Stitches is not responsible for lost orders due to incorrect shipping information, or for any other reason. If a refund is necessary for any reason, customer is responsible for return shipping.

If an item is delayed, lost, or damaged in transit, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the post office directly to file a claim.

BLH Stitches does not accept cancellations.


Welcome to my shop!

I'm Brianna, the owner of BLH Stitches! I love coffee, Disney and all things nerdy - so putting those together resulted in the creation of BLH Stitches cup cozies! Our cup cozies will fit most travel mugs, water bottles and your typical GRANDE sized "coffee shop" cups - both HOT and COLD! Turn down those boring cardboard cozies you get with your order, and use one of our super cute and reusable cozies to keep your hands warm and dry!

All of the cozies here are made to order, so yarn colors can be customized using our COLOR SELECTION CHART. Simply note which color you'd like for which cozy in the checkout cart notes! You will find all this information on every product page as well!


1. What are cup cozies?
My cup cozies are hand made, crochet, embroidered sleeves that will fit around your drink! I use mine as a replacement for the cardboard sleeves from local coffee shops! They're reusable and super cute!

2. How big are the cozies, will they fit my cup?

Cozies are approx. 3.25" long and 4" wide when laying flat. They are patterned for GRANDE sized Starbucks cups but will generally fit your standard size travel mug, tumbler, water (or beer) bottle, soda (or beer) can or small mason jar. If you would like a longer cozy or a bigger cozy, please contact me and I can set up a custom order.

3.What if my cozy gets dirty?
Our cozies are often multiple materials, washing the cozy is generally not suggested. Should you need to clean the cozy, wet the yarn around the patch by hand & gently squeeze dry. You can spot clean the patch itself with a soft washcloth & a dab of water. Re-shape the cozy & lay flat to dry. if your cozy has stretched, re-shape, lay flat & it should return to its' normal size. Lastly, if carrying your cozy in your bag - turn it inside out to protect the patch!

4. Do you offer cozies for coffee mugs with handles?
Not at this time, but I will be adding cozies for your plain coffee cups with handles in the very near future.

5. Can I change the color of my cozy from the ones in your product pictures?
I have a menu option on most listings so that you can write in your yarn color choice in the cart notes prior to checkout. If you want a different yarn color than those listed on the menu, select OTHER and note the color in the cart notes.

6. Can I change thread colors?
For some of my cozies I offer different thread coloring. Be sure to read the product description on which cozies are available for different threading and how to requests thread colors.

7. Are you accepting applications for brand representatives?
I am not currently looking for brand representatives at this time!

8. How long does it take to get my cozy?
My current turnaround is 4-5 DAYS plus Shipping Time! All my cozies are shipped USPS First Class package, you will receive e-mail notification of shipment as well as a tracking number - First class typically takes 3-5 business days within the US and up to 2 weeks if shipped internationally. Please take note of the banner on the top of my shop site and my IG Biography for any changes in turnaround due to travel.

9. Do you offer RUSH orders?
Yes, you can add the FASTPASS option and I will bump your order to first priority. Usually when someone purchases a Rush Order I will being their order immediately and will drop the shipment to the post office the same day or early next day. Please note this is for production time ONLY, the item will still be mailed USPS First class and typically takes 3-5 business days for delivery.

10. Do you ship internationally?
I do ship internationally, however please note that shipping costs are much higher and I will add a small flat fee to account for handling purposes. I am not responsible for any customs fees you may encounter upon your package arriving.

11. Do you offer delivery service for local customer?
Due to the volume of orders as well as my regular job, I do not offer delivery at this time. If I am able to offer local delivery in the future, I will announce it via the shop FAQ and/or e-mail as well as offer a Local delivery shipping option.

12. Do you take custom orders or requests?
I do not offer custom design requests at this time. I DO offer cozy size requests, so if you'd like a wider or longer cozy please CONTACT ME prior to ordering and I will set up a custom listing to meet your needs! Also, if there is something you'd like to see in the shop, e-mail me your request! I am always updating my stock and looking for new items to offer!

13. What if I made a mistake on my order and need to change it?
While I understand that mistakes happen, once an order is submitted I will be working on your item(s). If you realize you have made a mistake, I would urge you to CONTACT ME ASAP - I may not be able to make changes to the order, but if I can I will! The best course of action is to make sure everything is 100% correct in your shopping cart prior to checkout!

14. What happens if I entered the wrong shipping/billing address?
As stated above, once an order is submitted, I begin work. If you entered the incorrect address in either field CONTACT ME ASAP! I'm guilty of this too, as my billing and shipping are not always the same - the sooner you message me, the sooner I can note the correct address. Once I ship an item, I cannot get it back and will not be responsible for items sent to the wrong address due to incorrect data entry.

15. I think my package is lost?
USPS First Class Typically takes 3-5 business days to deliver, but I have seen it take 7+ days on occasion. I provide all my orders with a tracking number to follow along with the package's progress. If you have questions about a missing package, you may contact me but I will only have access to the tracking information that was sent to you. Please contact the US Postal Office to file a claim.

16. Do you offer refunds?
No. Due to the handmade nature of our cozies, we cannot offer refunds. The only exception is if an error was made on our part, we can exchange the cozy. If something is wrong with your order please CONTACT ME, I do strive to provide the best customer service I can!

Thank you for reading! I tried to answer as many general questions as I could, if you have any questions or concerns that are not on this page, send me an e-mail! I will get back to you within 48 hours!


Brianna - Owner